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HGIT Company profile

HGIT Dalian Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise devoting to innovation and research and development established in 2003 with business covering many countries all over the world. It concentrates on industry, automobile, electric, consumption, energy and construction fields. The company was listed on NEEQ in Jan. 2014. It is one of enterprises listed in the first batch after expansion of NEEQ. Stock Code: 430615. Stock Abbreviation: Huagong Innovation. Sealing system, thermal insulation glue injection system and door & window system of the Huagong Innovation HGIT Brand provide innovative and beneficial solutions for clients, thus improve their product quality. In the meanwhile, the company customizes energy-saving, environment protective, beneficiating and cost-effective system automation lines aiming at customers’ requirements and serves customers all over the world with professional technology.

The company values combination of production, teaching and researching. It not only has scientific research and development projects aiming at future development with domestic first-class schools, but also has close strategic cooperation relation with many international transnational corporations.

As a strategic partner of the Dow Chemical – a world 500 top in polyurethane thermal insulation project, the company and HANs Chemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd. – a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company jointly provide systemic solutions for building heat preservation and energy saving.

The Huagong Innovation will persistently provide comprehensive support for customers with innovative technology, excellent solution and superior service.



In 2003, Huagong was founded and began independent R&D of Glue Injection machines, Dispensing machines (Foam gasket seal machine), etc.
In 2003, Huagong successfully developed the first Heat-insulated Aluminum Profile Glue Injection machine and Bridge Cut-off machine.
In 2006, Huagong successfully developed the first on-site Foam Gasket Sealing machine (also named Dispensing machine).
In 2007, Huagong successfully developed the first automatic gluing equipment for fireproof doors (for Spanish customers) and automatic gluing production line for building composite boards (for Canadian customers).
In 2008, Huagong successfully developed the first Aluminum Profile Knurling machine.
In 2009, Huagong successfully developed the first Foam Gasket Sealing system with six-axis robot for automotive parts and cantilever structure dispensing machine.
In 2011, Huagong successfully developed the first automatic gluing production line for taper ring and profiled carbon fiber strip.
In 2011, Huagong successfully developed the first set of heat-insulated automatic glue injection system for steel sections.
In 2011, Huagong successfully developed high-pressure water-rinsed mixing head
In 2011, Huagong moved to its own plant.
In 2012, Huagong was appraised as the national high-tech enterprise.
In 2012, Huagong cooperated with German BECKHOFF to jointly develop dispensing equipment system.
In 2012, Huagong successfully developed the first electronic grinding device for aluminum profile (to substitute the knurling machine, with a number of patents granted successfully).
In 2012, Huagong won the recognition from a number of automobile plants and Tier-1 & Tier-2 suppliers, and continued to provide automatic sealing lines for vehicles in the brands of BMW, Land Rover, Audi, Volkswagen and GM.
In 2012, Huagong attended the German EuroBLECH exhibition for vigorously developing the European market.
In 2013, Huagong conducted the joint-stock restructuring.
In 2014, Huagong became one of the first listed companies after new three board expansion.
In 2014, Huagong cooperated with Dalian University of Technology to jointly develop fireproof and heat-insulated coating project.
In 2015, Huagong established a wholly owned subsidiary, namely HANS Chemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
In 2015, Huagong became a strategic partner of Dow Chemical (a global Top 500 enterprise).

Corporate culture

Corporate culture,HGIT

1) The mission of Huagong Innovation
Use technology to create green space for the world environment 

2) Business philosophy of Huagong Innovation 
Committed to innovation, surpass ourselves, assume responsibility, pursue excellence

3) The spirit of Huagong employees 
Create value for customers through innovation and technology

4) The values of Huagong Innovation
Focus on talents and make innovation

5) Service philosophy of Huagong Innovation 
Allow customers to enjoy the best after-sales service, and make every effort to satisfy customers



In 2010, the Company obtained the Technology-based SME Innovation Fund respectively granted by the State Ministry of Science & Technology and Dalian City. 
The Company currently has 13 patented technologies in the field of equipment manufacturing, and has another four pending applications. Various equipment products possess independent intellectual property rights and patent protection.



Evaluation of BECKHOFF on Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

BECKHOFF Equipment Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been cooperating with Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. since early 2012, and four years has passed since our cooperation. During which, the scope of our cooperation is extended from the easy to the difficult and complicated, from part to whole. We started to cooperate on one machine type first, and then on full line of products such as robot and production line, especially on multiple automotive sealing projects that have received consistent praise from customers. In fact, BECKHOFF and Huagong Innovation has become real partner, and after years of cooperation and growth, we believe that:

I. Huagong Innovation is a creditable company who keeps its promises.

II. Huagong Innovation is a company with a heart and tolerance.

III. Huagong Innovation is a company of high quality and taste.

IV. Huagong Innovation is a company of continuous innovation.

V. Huagong Innovation is an aspiring company with a strong sense of social responsibility.


As a company focusing on control system, BECKHOFF is very willing to advance and grow with companies like Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., in a bid to learn and support each other for a better future!


BECKHOFF Equipment Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Commendatory Letter



 Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.


Oerlikon (China) Science and Technology Co., Ltd.ShanghaiBranch






To Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.,


Oerlikon Barmag has built a cooperative relation with Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. since 2007, and we have been enjoying a pleasant partnership, in particular the company gives us a lot of supports.


As a major supplier of Huagong Innovation, Barmag has witnessed Huagong’s growth over the past 8 years, whom has obtained one and another glorious achievement with great efforts made by its employees.


Again, Oerlikon Barmag would like to express our gratitude for the attention, trust and support given by Huagong Innovation, in the hope of sincere cooperation to have more success!


Oerlikon Barmag Company

June, 2015

Dalian Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.